New Patient Info

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On behalf of Drs. Wagnild and Mueller, and our office staff, we would like to welcome you to our office. Your initial visit will be scheduled for a full hour with Dr. Wagnild or Dr. Mueller. We will ask you to tell us about your dental concerns and dental history. We like to find out what's going on with you, as well as your mouth.

We will perform a complete dental examination and enter the findings directly into your electronic dental record. We will also evaluate your soft tissues to note any abnormalities that may be of concern.  Intraoral photographs and digital x-rays can be displayed on the computer monitor in the treatment room to show you the areas we are evaluating.

Additional information from photographs, radiographs and mounted diagnostic models is frequently required for complete diagnosis. In complicated cases, a subsequent consultation appointment will be scheduled to discuss the conditions present in your mouth and the treatment options available to you.

We invite questions regarding the proposed treatment plan or other matters of concern to you. Spouses, partners, or friends are welcome. When a treatment plan has been determined, we will estimate professional fees and complete financial arrangements, and schedule your appointments.

We look forward to seeing you.

- Galen Wagnild and Kathy Mueller


  • Call Us: (415) 956-5162
  • Registration Forms:
    • Online Forms: No downloading, printing, or writing. Your information will go directly into your electronic chart. So, first we need to create your electronic record and schedule your appointment. Please call us at (415) 956-5162 to schedule your New Patient Appointment, then you can complete your New Patient Registration Forms, using your name and appointment date to sign in.
    • Paper Forms: If you prefer to fill out your forms at our office, we will enter the information into your electronic chart for you. Please arrive a few minutes early, so that all of your appointment time can be devoted to your examination with the doctor.


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7:50 am-4:30 pm


7:50 am-4:30 pm


7:50 am-4:30 pm


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